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Grandezza und Eleganz in Downtown Freiburg
Designer-Schmuck der Avantgarde, ausgefallener Bakelit-Schmuck, Designer-Hüte – das Freiburger Geschäft „ETCETERA“ ist ein Muss für Frauen, die das Besondere suchen. Seit 42 Jahren gibt es mein weltweit bekanntes Spezialgeschäft für raren und zeitgenössischen Modeschmuck, inmitten der Freiburger Altstadt.

Die Boutique ETCETERA galt damit als erstes Geschäft seiner Art in Freiburg. Auf internationalen Messen entstanden langjährige Kontakte mit Lieferanten einzigartiger Produkte.

Bei mir finden Sie Vintage US Designer Jewelry (alle berühmten Namen, u.a. Eisenberg, Haskell, Schiaparelli....) sowie modernes Design aus der ganzen Welt (Janete Zamboni, Langani, Tzuri Gueta, Niki Boden.....). Originelle Handtaschen – vintage und neu. Ausgefallene Hüte – elegant, schräg, praktisch, kostbar......für jedes Event den passenden Kopfschmuck. Auch Fascinators - in allen Variationen. Freiburg hat mit ETCETERA ein tolles HUTGESCHÄFT!

Maureen Winterhager


Maureen meets
Elsa Schiaparelli
The vastness of her private collection and the quality of her unique pieces are absolutely superb. Her taste is sublime; we were riveted by her stunning collection of jewelry and accessories that was created by Elsa Schiaparelli.
Time out for reflection, before another period of endless art consumption, I had the privilege of going to Freiburg (Breisgau) in Germany with Dennis Bornheim, Design Director of LeonardoVfashionbook, to see the private collections of  ETCETERA. To me this seemed to be a sort of mythical space that had been opened up by  Maureen.... for the  passionate collectors of the accessories in the jewelry  field, and especially for  private collectors. VINTAGE refers to jewelry from ca 1920-1980.  For over 30 years Maureen has been collecting vintage costume jewelry. Most of her collection has been amassed during her annual  worldwide travels over the  past three decades, mainly to the USA.
 Every American designer from A to Z can be found at ETCETERA, whether Trifari, Coro, Miriam Haskell or Eisenberg, as well as Elsa Schiaparelli, Coco Chanel, Coppola e Toppo, among others. In ETCETERA you will find a whole array of vintage hats of many well-known designers such as Elsa Schiaparelli, Christian Dior, Mr John, Hattie Carnegie, Jacques Fath ...
 To view more authentic vintage hats by designer Elsa Schiaparelli from Maureen Winterhager's collection,  please request photos per email. etceterantik@gmx.de . Maureen became a fan of The Big Schiap about 20 years ago and has gradually accumulated a large collection of her jewelry, her hats, shoes, her perfumes and cosmetics, magazine articles, advertisements and other exciting memorabilia. Witness to a bygone era, this gorgeous collection is an archive of historical value.
Bakelite jewelry is another specialty of ETCETERA. Maureen has  a vast selection of bracelets, necklaces and earrings from the USA. Highly collectible, bakelite is no longer manufactured today and jewelry made of bakelite is exceedingly hard to find, especially in Europe, where its uses were mainly prosaic.
A particularly interesting direction is her Galalith jewelry, of which she has a large collection of rare pieces signed Guillemette L'Hoir and Isadora de Paris.
I highly recommend a visit to Maureen's shop in Freiburg – ETCETERA. You will be in for an extraordinary experience. The vast amount of designer vintage jewelry that she carries is incredible, the quality of each piece testimony to her unerring taste. Almost every designer imaginable is represented, both vintage and contemporary, the focus being mainly on historical US vintage costume jewelry. Superb and sublimely chic, her shop is an amazing place to browse and play diva.....which in fact is her motto: “let your diva out to play”! Her private collection, amassed over the past 30 years during her  annual worldwide travels, with a focus on Elsa Schiaparelli and many other historical names, is simply and utterly stunning.

Italian Magazine 2013

Bericht in der Badische Zeitung, 31.05.16

Article in the local Badische Zeitung, 31.05.16