Bei ETCETERA finden Sie Contemporary Schmuck von vielen namhaften Designern, wie zum Beispiel:


 ETCETERA stocks a vast inventory of famous contemporary Designers, such as:


  • Janete Zamboni, Italien
  • Angela Caputi, Italien 
  • Langani, Deutschland
  • Niki Boden, Deutschland
  • Rosa Templin, Deutschland
  • Tzuri Gueta, Frankreich
  • Jean Marie Poinot, Frankreich
  • Larry Vrba, USA
  • u.v.m. 


Hier sehen Sie eine kleine Auswahl aus unserem großen Angebot an Contemporary Schmuck.

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IRADJ MOINI, famous New York jewelry designer. His work is legendary, using mostly fine gemstones and a superb gilt galvanising. Unique pieces. Iradj Moini has been designing jewelry in New York since 1989. A former designer to Oscar De La Renta..."He soon built a reputation as one of the most imaginative and visionary designers of his era....Iradj Moini pieces exemplify world-class craftsmanship with fun to wear and enchanting designs. Each piece begins with the best base materials, with semi-precious stones from the finest provenance. The designs are inspired by nature and artistry and use a blend of colors that form an innovative and luxurious work of art...."

GISSA BICALHO, Brazil. Contemporary designer - all hand carved acrylic.... beautifully polished and finished.... She is a real genius.


ALEXANDRINE, Paris - clip earrings in resin and cellulose acetate....latest collection.

JEAN MARIE POINOT - master of acrylic jewelry.

Jean Marie Poinot has been designing jewellery since 1975 and has worked for all the major European fashion houses including Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacrois and Jean-Paul Gaultier. The quality of the workmanship he produces under the JMP signature is superb.  His superb cuff bracelets often have a very art deco look and are highly collectable.

Tragically he died last year. His loss is immense in the world of contemporary acrylic jewellery. No one works like him.

LEA STEIN BROOCHES.....made of cellulose acetate and signed on the clasp at the back, Lea Stein brooches are iconic and highly collectible. Please avoid buying cheap copies!! Lea has worked all her life to provide us with her beautiful jewelry; it is unethical to buy cheap molded copies. Her jewelry is all hand-made in a process that requires many steps. Some of the following are vintage items.

ERSTWILDER BROOCHES - "VINTAGE" - early brooches, no longer available......All unworn, absolutely new old stock.

JÉRÉMIE BARTHOD - piano wire jewelry

Neue Kollektion aus Paris. Schmuck aus Klavierdraht, Stahlfilament.

Wunderbares Design. Mit Verlängerungskettchen

Entschuldigen Sie bitte die Qualität der Aufnahmen.....Kamera streikt heute.....

Latest collection from Paris - piano wire.....The necklaces have a 3 inch extender chain.

NEW in from Paris - Marion Godart clampers and earrings.

Clamper €98, earrings €49




SCHMUCK & KOPFBEDECKUNG: Fascinators in allen Variationen!! Alle mit dem passendem Motif!!!!


Angela Caputi

 Signora Caputi has forbidden sellers to use her photos on their websites!!

These three are the only photos she supplies for us to use.

I am so sorry.

I have her collections. Please email me at for more photos.

My hands are tied.



LANGANI Schmuck .... See below for a small selection. We have more in the shop.

MARION GODART, PARIS - new collection.......contemporary resin

MARION GODART, Paris - contemporary resin bangles

NEW COLLECTIONS - Unger, Italy and Barthod, France.....

NIKI BODEN, GERMANY - these beautiful unicorn brooches are new.

The eyes open and shut. ADORABLE isn't the word. Just these two - one with a blue eye and one with a brown eye!

Price: €68

VILAIWAN JEWELRY - worn by many US celebrities, eg Joan Rivers.


Christmas jewelry made by Rosa Templin - angels for your ears and throat. Exquisitely made by one of Germany's best-known jewelry designers.

Also Christmas trees by LEA STEIN, Paris - very collectable as there are hardly any in circulation.

Diverse others, including one fabulous one by MIRIAM HASKELL, see below....

ROSA TEMPLIN - the new collection starting to arrive.....

CILEA Paris - enamelled resin rings and brooches.



Klavierdraht Schmuck. Ketten und Armbände......

Jewelry made of piano wires......necklaces and bracelets......Fantastic!